Ongoing construction of Tbilisi City Court


Ongoing construction of Tbilisi City Court

Published: 06/20/2018

At present, construction and rehabilitation works are being carried out on the new four-storey wing intended for the Dispute Panel of Civil Cases in the area of Tbilisi City Court, with the project area of 4200 Sq.m.

As of today, the main construction work has been completed and the internal and external facing is in the process.

Within the framework of this project, there will be 24 meeting rooms for civil cases disputes panel, including 1 large courtroom for commercial disputes.

There will be about 40 units of working space for judges and  up to 35 for the court staff,  where 120 employees will be placed.

The cost of the project equals 5 117 500 Gel. The opening of the building is scheduled for November 23rd of this year. The project is one of the largest construction projects in the history of independent Georgia in the judiciary system.

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